We have all been very lucky to have met Jay. We feel that the work and time and effort he has put into our band in such a short space of time has been beyond 100% professional.

Jay helped us by setting up a business plan where one of the first steps was by getting ourselves out there by having a professional and well built website. In a matter of weeks without any delay we worked with Jay getting this website together.

At first we were a little bit worried as to knowing what exactly it was we needed to do as being a new band trying to break on the scene we didn’t really have the knowledge on how to update our gig list or merchandise tabs on it. But lucky for us Jay has helped us and made it very easy for us to update and work on.

All in all a very professional business man and it shows how dedicated he is when someone comes to him with a job. If you want a really professional looking website then all we will say is he is your man. 5 star service.

What Our Clients Say…